Video Production Pricing

Video production comes in all shapes, sizes and price ranges.

We can cater to any sized project at almost any budget, from simple social media videos to corporate marketing and promotional content.

In general, it's best to have a chat to us so we can quote you the best possible price for your video production.

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Video Production Options

Here are some examples of the types of videos we can produce:

Custom Video Projects

Short documentaries, event videos, company overview videos and more.

Larger projects have a lot of variables, so we'll need to have a chat about the specifics so that we can work out the best possible price for you.

We can take care of the entire process, from scripting and filming to post production and media delivery. 

We offer free quotes with absolutely no obligations.

30-60 second promotional video

If you want to promote your business, product or service on your website or on social media, a short promotional video is a great choice.

90 second premium promotional video

This is a great video for businesses that really want to stand out from their competition. It is similar to the example above, but also includes professional voice over and aerial footage/photographs.

90 second premium promotional/testimonial video

When you have more to say, this package offers a lot of options.

You can include on-screen interviews, client testimonials, or even get in front of the camera yourself and talk about your business! Great to promote trust in your service or business.

Sports event highlights

Shooting fast-paced events is one of our specialities!

We can shoot your event from the ground (or the sky) and provide highlights videos, photography, or even feature length documentaries!

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